An insightful guide to Linux

Linux is considered to be a suitable option for desktop users to perform the business operations. It is definitely an economical but a viable operating system. This is rated to be an affordable option in comparison to other OS systems.

Linux Torvalds, a student from the University of Helsinki, Finland created Linux in 1991 for personal use. However, there was no intention of expanding to more than one platform. But, this was not supposed to be and it prospered by being compatible with other computer architectures.

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An Insightful Guide on Open Source Databases

The ever increasing volumes of information or data, which are a by-product of current modern life, requires efficient methods for their management and retrieval. Open source databases have today come into their own, and stand out as solutions for every data management need in the enterprise. We are giving overview of five of the most widely used and highly ranked open source databases.

The past few years in the data management industry have been revolutionary for open source databases. We will provide an overview of some of the most common open source DBMS software. The list is so huge that it would be impossible to mention all of them, but we will try and list those with the best features. We have picked five of the most widely used and highest ranked databases for discussion in this article.

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